Poulias Foundation

In 2007, Alexandros and Ilias Poulias, brothers created the Poulias Foundation and the project "The Smile of the Child", a program aimed at maximizing the leadership potential of poor girls and boys through education and health.

Educational Foundation Poulias proposal has been designed as an alternative model of child and adolescent education, supporting girls and boys with extraordinary leadership, from kindergarten through high school.

The educational model Poulias Foundation can be implemented in different socioeconomic levels, having greater impact on poor communities, where lack of education opportunities and resources of parents, facilitates the establishment of trans-generational cycles of disadvantage, inequity and material postponement and psychosocial of children and youth.

The project seeks to strengthen both, academic skills and empowering their values and culture, and develop skills for participation, ownership and leadership in the home, school and community.

Currently the Poulias Foundation has a center located in zone 12 Guatemala City, which serves 32 children (18 girls and 14 boys).

Is scheduled to open the second center of the Foundation in the town of Panajachel, Solola Department, in early 2015.

You can also support "The Smile of the Child" program and be part of this wonderful project, through individual or corporate sponsorships.