John Bilimatsis

John Bilimatsis, PhD Senior Consultant for Televida Group. Born in Thessaloniki Greece in 1937, John has a rich educational and cultural background with Masters in Law and 

Economics, Int.History, an Mphil and a PhD from GW University (DC).

Entered Greek Foreign Service in 1964. Held positions as assistant  to two secretaries for Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister. After a number of assignments in London, Boston, New York , Washington DC and Budapest, resigned to join Mobil Corporation in NY. (1975)

Served in a number of staff and senior line management (CEO) positions in the US,the UK,Scandinavia and Greece.

Elected and served repeatedly as chairman of Hellenic Oil Company Association. 

Since 1995 John is a senior consultant and manager with a number of multinational companies and family offices.