In Televida we develop mobile exceptional products and services.  We always look for innovating and continuous improvement.  We are entrepreneurs and compromised people, we enjoy our work tirelessly with excellence and humility.

In Televida we love challenges, take risks and believe that almost nothing is impossible. We dare to dream big without neglecting the details, we never give or underestimate our competition, but learn from it.

In Televida we are loyal, transparent, principled and honest. We treat each other with respect and equality. We never got settled and we don’t tolerate mediocrity or negligence.

In Televida we support the community because we believe in social responsibility. Our commitment to ourselves, with the company, with our coworkers and customers is absolute. We are open to constructive criticism and assume full responsibility for our actions. We support and believe that teamwork makes us stronger. In Televida we are a great team.